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QuanTanium Tumbler 

QuanTanium® is a nonstick reinforced with titanium to stand up to almost anything. 

Higher Potency Harvest

The nonstick properties of the QuanTanium tumbler prevents precious trichomes from adhering to the tumbler surface.  This results in the end product having a better visual appearance while maintaining its strong natural aroma and flavours. Overall, you will notice a better quality end product for the consumer as all natural properties are  preserved during the harvesting process

Save Time = Save Money!

Its remarkable combination of high strength and low density offers exceptionally favorable strength-to-weight ratios, which is the principal reason it found its way so quickly and successfully into high-tech industries such as aerospace.
Titanium is the lightest, toughest metal known to man, which makes it ideal for unusually demanding applications in many varied fields. Now titanium moves from aerospace to our new CenturionPro®  Tumblers.


Key points:

  • QuanTanium® is the first and only of its kind: a multi-coat nonstick with a unique mix of titanium particles blended into each coat.
  • QuanTanium® 's multi-layer internal reinforcement of titanium creates resistance to scratching, abrasion and wear that exceeds most internally reinforced and all conventional nonstick coatings on the market.
  • QuanTanium® is so resistant to damage because the titanium used is many times harder than the chrome and steel used in cooking utensils.
  • QuanTanium® 's nonstick system has been designed to create maximum synergy with the titanium, resulting in maximum resistance to wear with unparalleled release.
  • With QuanTanium®, consumers can now enjoy the benefits of the finest nonstick knowing that it will stand up to almost anything.

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